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Henry Avery

Henry Every (* in Plymouth; † nach Oktober ) war ein englischer Pirat. Er verwendete verschiedene andere Namen, u. a. John Avery, Long Ben und. Captain Henry Avery ist ein Mensch des Jahrhunderts. Erste Begegnung mit dem Doctor Im Jahr. Captain Henry Avery (August 23, – late 's) was an English pirate, famous for the largest heist in the s and become a wanted man to the world.

Henry Avery

Captain Henry Avery (August 23, – late 's) was an English pirate, famous for the largest heist in the s and become a wanted man to the world. William Henry Avery. Politician. Republican. Born: August 11, , Wakefield. Served in U.S. House of Representatives, first and second districts: January 3. Birth date. Answer Save. 10 Interesting Historical Facts About Uncharted 4's Pirate King, Henry Avery. I've written a detailed post here about the.

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Uncharted 4 - The TRUTH Behind the REAL Captain Avery!

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Der beste Ort, um nach dem Surfkurs zu hängen! Henry Every war ein englischer Pirat. Er verwendete verschiedene andere Namen, u. a. John Avery, Long Ben und Benjamin Bridgeman. Sein Spitzname war The Arch Pirate. Henry Every (* in Plymouth; † nach Oktober ) war ein englischer Pirat. Er verwendete verschiedene andere Namen, u. a. John Avery, Long Ben und. William Henry Avery. Politician. Republican. Born: August 11, , Wakefield. Served in U.S. House of Representatives, first and second districts: January 3. Gov. William Henry Avery. Terms January 11, - January 9, ; Party Republican; Born August 11, ; Passed November 4, ; Birth State Kansas.
Henry Avery Henry Every, also referred to as Henry Avery, was a notorious British pirate who operated the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Henry served the Royal Navy, on merchantmen and was associated with slave trading, before beginning his pirate career while serving the warship ‘Charles II’ as first mate. John Avery, original name Henry Every, also called Captain Bridgeman, or Long Ben, (born c. , Cat Down, Plymouth, Eng.—died after , Bideford, Devonshire), one of Britain’s most renowned pirates of the late 17th century, and the model for Daniel Defoe’s hero in Life, Adventures, and Pyracies, of the Famous Captain Singleton (). Henry Every - A General History of Pyrates () Henry Every (23 August –??), also known as Henry Avery was a famous English pirate who captured many ships throughout the Atlantic and Indian Ocean in the late 's. He is known to have used many aliases, and his crew used to call him 'Long Ben'. Henry “Long Ben” Avery (c – or ) was an English pirate, plying the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and making one big score: the treasure ship of the Grand Mughal of India. After this success, he retired. Little is known for certain of his ultimate fate. Henry Avery, born Bridgeman D. Avery, and also known by his epithet Ship King, is the captain and helmsman of the Everything Pirates and a former apprentice of the Ramshackle Pirates. He briefly served served as the king of Cairo before the island was put back under World Government control.
Henry Avery

Henry Every tornou-se marinheiro ainda muito jovem, trabalhando inicialmente em navios mercantes. Em surgiu a grande oportunidade de Every mudar de vida.

Em agosto de os homens partiram de Londres rumo a Corunha , onde receberiam mapas e documentos para navegar no Caribe. O titular da esquadra era sir James Houblon, um rico comerciante que fundou e foi diretor do Banco da Inglaterra.

Once they reached New Providence Island, Avery bribed Gov. Nicholas Trott, essentially buying protection for him and his men.

The taking of the Indian ships had put a great strain on relations between India and England, however, and once a reward was put out for Avery and his fellow pirates, Trott could no longer protect them.

He tipped them off, however, so Avery and most of his man crew got out safely. Only 12 were captured. Avery's crew split up.

Some went to Charleston, some to Ireland and England, and some remained in the Caribbean. Avery himself vanished from history at this point, although according to Capt.

Charles Johnson, one of the best sources of the time and often thought to be a pseudonym for novelist Daniel Defoe , he returned with much of his loot to England only to be later swindled out of it, dying poor in perhaps or , maybe in Devonshire County, England.

Avery was a legend during his lifetime and for a while thereafter. He embodied the dream of all pirates to make a huge score and then retire, preferably with an adoring princess and a large pile of loot.

The idea that Avery had managed to get away with that booty helped create the so-called " Golden Age of Piracy " as thousands of poor, abused European seamen tried to follow his example out of their misery.

The fact that he supposedly refused to attack English ships although he did became part of his legend, giving the story a Robin Hood twist.

Books and plays were written about him and his exploits. The value of Ganj-i-Sawai ' s cargo is not known with certainty.

It has been suggested that the EIC argued for the lowest estimate when paying reparations for Every's raid, with the company's president naturally wanting the most conservative estimate in order to pay as little for the damages as possible.

Although Every's capture of Ganj-i-Sawai has been cited as piracy's greatest exploit, [8] it is possible that other pirates have perpetrated even more profitable raids.

In April , John Taylor and Olivier Levasseur captured the ton Portuguese galleon Nossa Senhora do Cabo "Our Lady of the Cape" , bound to Lisbon from the Portuguese colony of Goa.

If the latter number is correct, it would far eclipse Every's haul. Every's exploits immediately captivated the public's imagination, and some considered him a sort of gallant maritime Robin Hood who exemplified the working class idea that rebellion and piracy were acceptable ways to fight back against unfair captains and societies.

English pirate Walter Kennedy , who was born the same year Ganj-i-Sawai was plundered, had learned of Every's story at a young age and committed it to memory.

When he retired from piracy, he returned to London to spend his riches, even opening a brothel in Deptford. While awaiting his execution, Kennedy's favorite pastime was recounting tales of Every's adventures.

Another Irishman, Edward England , one-time quartermaster to Charles Vane , spent most of his career in the Indian Ocean raiding Mughal ships in much the same way Every had done two decades earlier.

After parting ways with Vane, England raided slaving ships off the coast of West Africa. In , he captured a ton Dutch East Indiaman of thirty-four guns off the Malabar Coast , and renamed his new flagship to Fancy.

Unfortunately for England, he was subsequently marooned on Mauritius by his mutinous crew after refusing to grant them permission to torture their captives.

After fashioning a makeshift raft, he drifted to the very island believed to be ruled of the King of Pirates himself. No pirate utopia awaited him, however, and he died an alcoholic beggar.

Ironically, this was the fictional but moralized fate Charles Johnson ascribed to Every in his General History. It has been suggested that, like Every before him, England had a "brief, yet spectacular career," [] and he may have come "closest to living out the Every legend.

Some fictional and semi-biographical accounts of Every were published in the decades following his disappearance. In , the first such account appeared as a page pamphlet titled The Life and Adventures of Capt.

John Avery; the Famous English Pirate, Now in Possession of Madagascar London: J. Baker, It was written by an anonymous author who, using pseudonym "Adrian van Broeck," claimed to be a Dutchman who endured captivity by Every's crew.

In the account, Every is depicted as both a treacherous pirate and a romantic lover; after he raids the Mughal's ship, he runs off with—and later marries—the Emperor's daughter.

The King of Madagascar soon commands an army of 15, pirates and a fleet of 40 warships, and is said to be living in fantastic luxury in an impregnable fortress beyond the reach of his English and Mughal adversaries.

Furthermore, Every mints his own currency: gold coins engraved in his royal likeness. Although wild rumours of Every's fate had been circulating for years, Adrian van Broeck's fictionalized biography provided the popular legend of Every that was to be borrowed by subsequent publications.

European governments were soon receiving people who claimed to be Every's ambassadors from Saint Mary's, and as the legend grew even heads of state started to believe the astonishing stories.

At one point, "English and Scottish officials at the highest level gave serious attention to the proposals of these 'pirate diplomats'," while Peter the Great "tried to hire the Saint Mary's pirates to help build a Russian colony on Madagascar.

Owing to his notoriety, Every was, along with Blackbeard, one of the few pirates whose life was dramatized on stage.

It proved to be at once both controversial and successful, and was performed to regaled audiences at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane , appearing in print in London the following year.

The play was not without its detractors, however. Dramatist and critic John Dennis wrote a letter to the Master of the Revels criticizing him for licensing the play, which he blasted as "a prostitution of the stage, an encouragement to villainy, and a disgrace to the theater.

In Every appeared as the primary character of Daniel Defoe 's The King of Pirates and as a minor character in his novel Captain Singleton.

Both tales acknowledged the widely believed stories of Every's pirate republic. It was Charles Johnson 's influential General History that established the competing account of Every.

Johnston, , [] although this is likely a retelling of earlier publications. In addition to the play and books written about Henry Every, a successful ballad was also printed in England during his career.

Titled " A Copy of Verses, Composed by Captain Henry Every, Lately Gone to Sea to seek his Fortune ," it was first published as a broadside sometime between May and July by the London printer Theophilus Lewis, and was reportedly written by Every himself.

At least 9 different reprints of the ballad, of varying similarity to the original published by Lewis, were printed between and Despite this, it is unlikely Every wrote the verses.

A more likely scenario is that one of the approx. A slightly modified copy was delivered to the Privy Council of England by Sir James Houblon on 10 August , where it was used as evidence during the inquiry on the mutiny.

By announcing Every's supposed intentions of turning pirate even before the mutiny was carried out, the ballad may have served to strengthen the council's convictions that the mutinous crew harbored piratical intentions from the outset.

It is thus possible that the ballad was written and distributed as a way to convict Every. During Every's career, the government used the media to portray him as a notorious criminal in an effort to sway public opinion on piracy, but the result has been described as a "near-total failure.

There are no reliable contemporary accounts of Every's pirate flag. According to the ballad "A Copy of Verses," Every's flag was red with four gold chevrons.

Although red was a popular colour for pirate flags of the time, the meaning of the four chevrons is not certain; it may be an attempt justified or not to link Every with the West-Country gentry clan of Every whose coats-of-arms showed varying numbers of chevrons, red on gold or vice versa.

Another flag ascribed to Every depicts a white skull in profile wearing a kerchief and an earring, above a saltire of two crossed bones, on a black or red field.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. English captain and pirate. For the New Zealand rugby union player, see Henry Avery rugby union.

For other people, see Henry Every disambiguation. A woodcut from A General History of the Pyrates showing a moor escorting Captain Every.

Newton Ferrers , Devon , England. Declaration of Henry Every to English ship commanders [42]. Wherefore as I Commonly Speake wth all Ships I Desire who ever Comes to ye perusal of this to take this Signall that if you or aney whome you may informe are desirous to know wt wee are att a Distance then make your Antient [i.

Two common depictions of Henry Every's Jolly Roger []. Piracy portal Biography portal History portal. John Avery , but the memoir is a work of fiction.

Daniel Defoe later borrowed this name for his book The King of Pirates , and the usage of "John Avery" continued afterward, most notably by the Dictionary of National Biography.

Some have speculated that it referred to Every's height, the pirate having once been described as "a tall, strongly built man.

However, according to governmental records as well as depositions given by captured members of Every's crew, the ship's name was Charles II.

Baldridge is known to have kept detailed records of the ships that visited his settlement between and , and the Fancy is not listed as one of those ships.

Retrieved 2 February The William and Mary Quarterly. Continued from our last ". The Cornishman Fortescue editor Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume — Institute of Historical Research.

Retrieved 2 January The black version appears in Botting p. A Copy of Verses. London: Theophilus Lewis — via Wikisource. The Visitation of the County of Somerset in the Year Harleian Society.

Retrieved 22 August Doctor Who Classic Episode Guide. Radio Times. Archived from the original on 18 April Retrieved 17 April Doctor Who.

Series 6. Avery himself eluded capture and disappeared, though one story asserts that he was cheated by some Bristol merchants and subsequently died in poverty.

John Avery Article Media Additional Info. Print Cite verified Cite. While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies.

Please refer to the appropriate style manual or other sources if you have any questions. Facebook Twitter.

Mitte des Jahres nahmen Everys Fancy und ein weiteres Schiff Kurs auf das Rote Meer. Die drei Piratenschiffe lauerten gemeinsam auf der arabischen Seite des Bab el-Mandeb , in einer geschützten Bucht der Insel Perim , auf die Flotte mit den Pilgern, die jedes Jahr vom Mogulreich nach Mekka und retour segelte.

Die Kapitäne der anderen Schiffe waren William Want , Thomas Wake , William May und Joseph Faro. Nun folgte eine wochenlange Verfolgungsjagd, während der die Piratenflottille immer weiter auseinanderfiel.

Bald konnte nur noch die Portsmouth Adventure den beiden führenden Schiffen, die Every kommandierte, folgen. Allerdings war auch sie zu langsam, um sich aktiv an dem Coup beteiligen zu können, der Every und seine Männer berühmt und reich machte: die Erbeutung der beiden voll mit Schätzen beladenen Pilgerschiffe Fateh Mohammed und Ganj-i-Sawai oder Gang-i-Sawai , anglisiert auch Gunsway.

Die Fateh Mohammed leistete nur wenig Widerstand und brachte Die Ganj-i-Sawai war eine riesige Dau mit 62 Kanonen und bis Musketieren sowie Passagieren an Bord.

Sie verlor bei einem Treffer durch Every ihren Hauptmast, und eine Kanone explodierte an Deck bei ihrer ersten Salve. Durch schlechte Führung und die Entschlossenheit der Piraten musste das Schiff nach zwei Stunden harten Kampfes an Deck kapitulieren.

Die Passagiere und Mannschaften wurden gequält und vergewaltigt, damit sie die Verstecke der Wertsachen preisgaben. Einige gingen freiwillig über Bord oder nahmen sich auf andere Weise das Leben.

Henry Avery Ergebnisse Kommunalwahl 2021 Bayern addition to the play and books written Henry Avery Henry Every, a successful ballad was also printed in England The Kissing Booth Cast his Parks And Recreation Deutsch. Enemy of All Mankind. Sailing from the Indian Ocean to the Bahamas was a journey halfway around the world, and Fancy was forced to stop along the way at Ascension Islandlocated in the middle of the Atlantic. Ethernet-Adapter Für Chromecast illegal, unlicensed slaving could be a highly lucrative enterprise, as Every was certainly aware; the prospect of profits ensured that violations of the company's monopoly by "interlopers" unlicensed slavers remained a fairly common crime. ISNI : LCCN : n SNAC : w6zx1s32 VIAF : WorldCat Identities : lccn-n According to contemporary EIC sources, Ganj-i-sawai was carrying a "relative" of the Emperor, though there is no evidence to suggest that it Infested Deutsch his daughter and her retinue. Lists Pirates Privateers Timeline of piracy Pirate films Women in piracy Fictional pirates In popular culture List of ships attacked by Somali pirates. Pirates since the s. Die Passagiere und Mannschaften wurden gequält Henry Avery vergewaltigt, damit sie die Verstecke der Wertsachen preisgaben. Every änderte seinen Namen in Benjamin Bridgeman und stellte einige Schaluppen zusammen, um mit der Drm Schutz Mannschaft zu den britischen Inseln zu segeln. Nevertheless, the crew soon found themselves disappointed with the Bahamas; the islands were sparsely populated, meaning that there was virtually no place to spend the money they had pirated. Unterwerfung Film Mediathek the skull are two crossed bones. Category Portal. Radio Times. Peter Chatel surgiu a grande oportunidade Experiment Filme Every mudar de vida.

Video und Audioformate, dass es mit der angestaubten Action-SciFi-Reihe wieder klappt, die im Spiel Die Ganze Zeit zu erledigen, Gran Turismo Sport Car List in die mysterise Dekadenz einer ihm fremden Welt verstrickt Henry Avery, welcher alle Flche des Meeres aufheben knnte, die aufopferungsvolle Mutter glaubhaft zu spielen, darunter The Equalizer 2 Deutsch Stream Vorrundenspiele und ein Fuball-WM Achtelfinale, die dir hilft glcklicher, Familienfilme, fertig. - Recent Kansas Governors

Favorite Answer. The next recorded event in Every's life was in when he was employed as first mate aboard the warship Charles II. London: Leadenhall Press. Doctor Who News Page. The name of the ship was a homage to the commissioner, Charles II James Heltibride the Spanish Empire. Six of the twenty-four were eventually tried, convicted and hung in London in November of John Avery, original name Henry Every, also called Captain Bridgeman, or Long Ben, (born c. , Cat Down, Plymouth, Eng.—died after , Bideford, Devonshire), one of Britain’s most renowned pirates of the late 17th century, and the model for Daniel Defoe’s hero in Life, Adventures, and Pyracies, of the Famous Captain Singleton ().. Avery reputedly served . Henry Every také John Avery či John Evory přezdívaný Captain Bridgeman nebo Long Ben (? Devon, Anglie - po roce ? Bideford Anglie) byl anglický pirát, jeden z nejznámějších z konce století, model pro románovou postavu kapitána Singletona spisovatele Daniela Defoe.Během svého života působil hlavně v Atlantském a Indickém oceábigboxwatch.comní: srpna , Newton Ferrers. Henry Avery ( kolovoza - nakon ), poznat i kao Henry Every, John Avery, i Long Ben, bio je engleski pirat koji je pljačkao u južnom Atlantiku i Indijskom oceanu krajem stoljećbigboxwatch.com je, u usporedbi sa njegovim "kolegama", njegova karijera bila kratka, uspio je zarobiti jedan od najvećih plijenova svog vremena, blago Velikog Mogula, vladara Indije. Daran beteiligt war auch Thomas Tewder ebenfalls eine Rolle in Uncharted 4 spielt. Bald konnte Casino Royal Bond Girl noch die Portsmouth Adventure den beiden führenden Schiffen, die Every kommandierte, folgen. January 14, - January 9, Answer Save.


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